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Monday, March 18, 2019

Top 10: REAL Reason for Late Pick Up!?

Some of the Most Popular Top 10 List Over The Years Have been the "REAL REASONS" Top Ten Lists Like... 

REAL Reason "Why I Can't Come to Youth Group This Week

REAL Reasons Why "My Child Can't Go on the Trip?!"

REAL Youth Group Rules!!?

Here is another classic one, for your Monday Morning enjoyment.  Feel free to share/repost/tag someone you know would love this...

Here are 10 Absolutely REAL Reasons I Have Heard for "Parents for Being Late to Pick Up" their child from youth group or an events...

10. "Sorry, I Forgot How Many Children I Had?" 

9.  "I Just Remembered Where I Left Them?"  

8. "I Decided to Take a Nap and Overslept" 

7. "I Forgot That it Was Youth Group Night?" (*but you dropped them off?)

6.  "My Wife and I Were On a Date (*cough, wink) And Lost Track of Time" (seriously..look me in the eye, wink and cough!)

5.  "I Was Binge Watching __________ on Netflix and Just Couldn't Stop"

4. "Just Thought Eventually You Would Get Tired of Waiting and Drive Them Home"

3.  "My Husband and I Play the Kid's Video Games When They Are Not Home...and I was Winning!" 

2. "They Needed A Little Extra "God Time" with You Tonight, So I Waited" 

1.  "I Thought I Had Already Picked Them Up?"

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