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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

MYM/DYM Game Collection (11 Games)

Looking for a quick screen-based game for this week, check out my ever growing 
collection of screen-games written for my friends over at “Download Youth Ministry”!!  

There are currently 11 of my games available but there are more coming soon, so be on the look out in the coming months! 

Current List:

  • Dad, Dada, Daddy: Foreign Edition (Great for Father's Day or A Parent Night)  
  • Dad, Dada, Daddy: Animal Edition (A Wild Game for Father's Day or Whenever)
  • Famous Mothers (Perfect for Mother's Day)
  • Bacon Bits of Truth (Bacon Trivia)
  • Toxic or Tasty (Can You Eat It or Not?)
  • Nursery Rhymes or True Crimes (Is it a REAL News Story or a Classic Children’s Story)
  • Famous Fathers (Perfect for Father’s Day or Parent Nights) 
  • Eggs-Ray (Easter is coming up! Can you guess what is hidden inside?) 
  • Emoji Bible Story (How smart are your students)
  • Krispy Kreme Trivia (Grab a big box of HOT donuts and have some fun!)
  • The Price is Nice (Christmas Time game is the price...Naughty or Nice!?) 


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