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Monday, December 3, 2018

Top 10: "Ways to Survive a Lock-In/Overnight Event!”

I recently do an overnight event with my students, that was hosted by the local church.  

I have not done a lock-in/overnight event like this with middle years students in close to 10 years.  

It was a great night and it was more than a normal lock-in with concerts, activities across 3 locations including the east coast largest indoor sport complex and America’s largest smorgasbord!  

I did remember a few things, that I figured I would share with you... Enjoy and I hope it saves you much pain and suffering!?

10. Have a 6 to 1 Ratio of Students to Leaders.

9.  Keep Moving, Get Out of the Building, If You Can. 

8. Do Not Sleep.

7. Do Not Sit Down. 

6. Have a Schedule, Stick to the Schedule. 

5. Do Not Over-Caffeinate or Over Sugar. 

4. Eat a Healthy, Balanced Meal Before The Night Begins. 

3. Keep the Lights On and Bright. 

2. Get a Good Nights Rest the Night Before. 

1. Remember it a Marathon, Not a Sprint (*Like Everything Else in Ministry)

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