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Monday, December 10, 2018

Top 10: Rudolph Was a Middle Years Boy!?

It struck me a few years ago as I watch one my holiday favorites, that it was actually might have actually been written about a “middle years” (5th-9th grade) boy!!? 

Check out at least 10 ways, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer WAS a Middle Years Boy!

10. He was... a Wild Young Buck? 

9.  He was... Clumsy Playing Games with Others?

8.  He Was... Shy and Struggled with the Girls, But Still Tries to Show Off Anyway? 

7.  He Had... Mood Swings with Fits of Rage and Depression?

6. He Was... Bullied by those Who Were Cooler and More Popular?

5. He Had... a Group of Weird, Misfit Friends? 

4. He... Tried to Run Away from Home? 

3. His Girlfriend's Dad... Thought He was a Freak and Made Them Break Up? 

2. He Had.... a Weird Red Thing on the End of His Nose that Almost Glowed?

1. He Grew Up...  and All the Things That No One Understood, End Up Being a Part of His True Calling!? 

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