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Monday, October 29, 2018

Top 10: New Youth Pastor Reality Shows!

10. Dancing with the Youth Pastor- A new show, showcasing those sweet moves that your youth pastor's bust out during praise and worship or when they “try” to dance along to Lacrae?  

9.  The Biggest Youth Pastor- All those pizza parties and after-school burgers are finally catch up with your youth pastor? Sign them up for the newest reality show helping the 15 "biggest" youth pastor in America shed those praise pounds and holy love handles? 

8. The Bachelor Youth Pastor- For all the single men (or women) in ministry this new show will help you find the ideal ministry spouse. Instead of dream dates you will be sent on dream lock-ins, dream mission trips, and of course dream staff couples retreats, to see if they are really a ministry match!

7. The Elder Tank- Youth pastors each week must bring in their best ideas for the next great youth event, retreat, or trip and see if they get their budget approved! 

6. Real House Wives of Youth Minsitry- Follow the behind the scenes drama of some of America’s most popular youth ministry team’s... wives!... at America’s largest Mega-Churches!  Coming this season... The Real Housewives of Elevation Church! 

5. The Youth Pastor Voice- It is not a singing is a preaching competition. Four celebrity Sr. pastor's have to choose a team to mentor from "Blind Auditions" of youth pastor's giving their best youth lessons. Featuring Celebrity Judges: Andy Stanley, Steven Furtick, TD Jakes, and... Blake Sheldon? 

4. Little Youth Pastor, Big Church- It is not a show about a "little person" who is a youth pastor. It is a show that follows a youth pastor from a small church, being dropped in the role of youth pastor at a Mega-Church for a week.  Think Survivor meets Chopped! 
3. American Youth Pastor Pickers- A show about a two-man search committee in a church van, traveling the back roads of America picking youth pastor's for churches in need.

2. Keeping Up with the Youth Pastor- A reality show where contestants try to keep up with all the things that youth pastor really does all week at his real job as a youth pastor!? 

1. FIXER UPPER.  Chip and Joanne are BACK! This time they are traveling around the country looking for America’s ugliest and most outdate youth rooms to be fixed up!  Forget the old comes the Shiplap!! 

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