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Thursday, August 2, 2018

“System Up-Grade: Advice for Promotion Sunday” (Phil Beacham)

Promotion Sunday is something that happens every year and for some reason trying to coordinate with all the other ministries never gets easier; because there isn’t a perfect solution that will work across all ministries. 

Promotions are always fun, and always exciting because you get to welcome new students into the ministry in an intentional way. I have some tips tips that can help the transition be smooth for everyone. Just a little back ground, our ministry starts in 7th grade. 5th and 6th graders are in their own ministry. So I get to welcome rising 7th graders.

1. Don’t Fear the New Kids. 
Every year I get the same line about the upcoming 7th graders. “You better watch out for so and so.” “You are gonna have your hands full with this group.” I don’t think these people mean to harbor fear but that’s what sometimes happens. You start to be afraid that maybe this group coming up truly is the worst ever (They aren’t I promise). Every group is different and may offer new challenges, but they will help you grow and you get to help them grow.

2. Do Something Just for Them
I want to get to know them fast! I know many of them just through being at the same church but none of them on the level that I know the students already in my ministry. So before school starts we have a trip or event just for them. Last year we went to a theme park. This year we are tubing and doing a trampoline park. I always take my adult leaders, and student leaders as well, to start relationships early. It doesn’t have to be a trip. Maybe just a party, just be intentional and do something just for them. Make them know that they are special and welcome into the ministry.

3. Don’t Procrastinate Building Relationships. 
The faster you as the youth leader can build relationships the easier ministry to these “handfuls” will be. Make sure they know that you are there for them, and they are not just being thrown into the lions den (because they are nervous).

4. Build Them Up and Train Them. 

They are eager to learn and eager to be involved. So don’t over look them because there are older kids. They will be the ones to invite their friends over and over again. I have seen this age group bring in more visitors than any other. Build relationships quickly because it makes ministry so much easier.

Phillip Beacham is the Student Pastor at Sumter First Church of God, working with students in both middle and high school. He is passionate about helping students grow in Christ, and helping equip students to spread the Gospel in their own school, by being involved with local Christian clubs like First Priority and FCA. He has a wife, Paula, and two children, Carson and Adaline.

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