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THE MIDDLE YEARS MINISTRY is a Site Dedicated to Providing Resources, Ideas, and Help to Next Generation Pastors, Leader, Directors, Teachers, Mentors. Our goal is to MEET YOU in the MIDDLE in the Middle Years
, the Pivotal 5th-9th Grade Years. The middle ground between children’s ministry and high school ministry. The age where 85% of people make their final life-long faith decisions.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

New FREE Resources for Parent and Family Ministry!

For the past 5 years I have been blessed to be the lead content writer of an amazing organization and website “PARENT MINISTRY”.

Each month I have been able to create and contribute both children’s ministry and student ministry “toolbox” resources, “snapshot” of the newest parent/family ministry books, write parent ministry curriculum and even write the scripts for the wildly popular “online parenting class” videos.

I have loved being able to work with them and continue to serve with Jeremy Lee and his team!

Recently we have revived the “BLOG” a free resource section for everyone and anyone to enjoy, outside of the normal membership!

Each of these blogs are more than an article or post, they are created to be available as a downloadable PDF family ministry resources to share with others in ministry but especially with the parents and families of your own ministry!

- “Why Family Dinners Still Matter
“Over the Boiling Point: Dealing with Your Angry Teen”
“Top Ten Mistakes Family Ministries Make”

“50 Dinner Time Conversation Starters” 

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