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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

News U Can Use: “Modern Dads and Fatherhood 2.0 Expectations”

Setting up wifi, being active on social media and knowing the lyrics to chart toppers have emerged among a list of skills modern dads have to get their heads around.

Researchers found as well as having to be good at traditional talents such as fixing bikes "dad 2.0" must also be adept at updating computers and setting up new games consoles.

Being able to cook dinner, providing a platform for a good education and building flatpack furniture also featured highly on the list.

It also emerged more than a quarter of dads feel it is tougher being a father now than it was for their own dad back in the day.

The research which was commissioned by Braun in the lead up to Father’s Day also found taking taking turns on the “night feed” with baby, doing the school run and knowing how to braid hair are “must-have" skills.

Zbyszek Kalenik of Braun said: “Fatherhood today demands that dads get to grips with all manner of tasks and challenges, including those that were once the preserve of mom."

The study of 1,200 fathers also found...

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