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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Game #195: “Super Soaker Masterpiece” (Upfront Challenge)

A fun, summertime up-front challenge!  Tapping into the creative side of your students will letting them shoot a water gun...WIN! 

Quick-easy-silly-creative fun! Great for all ages.  

Perfect for your summer cookout, picnics, and other events! 

       2 super soaker-style water guns
       2 Kool-Aid mix packets 
       2 easels 
       2 large white bed sheets or bath towels 
       Egg timer or multi-media countdown clock

Quick explanation:Player using water guns full of Kool-Aid paint a masterpiece. 

Before the Game:
      Dump a Kool-Aid packet into the reservoir of each water gun
      Fill the water gun with water and shake well
      Hang white bed sheet or white towel on the easels and place in the front of your space.

       Ask for 2 pairs of volunteers
       Give the players the “Quick Explanation” and rules
       Have players stand back at a predetermined distance and face the easels
       On “Go” players using only their water gun shoot and create a picture as best at they can in the time allowed 

       Players must stand back at the predetermined distance.
       Players may not spray each other or leaders with the Kool-Aid
       Have the players explain their masterpiece to the group
       Have the group vote by volume of applause which they think is the winner

Winner is the one that created the best masterpiece

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