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Monday, May 28, 2018

Top 10 Sports Star Ways to End Your Lesson This Week?

10. Spike Your Bible and Do a Little Dance! (really cool effect if you are using an I-Pad or Tablet)

9. Drop To A Knee and Point to the Sky! (show the respect)

8. Tear Off Your Shirt Run Around the Room! (extra points if you can get your leaders to pile on top of you)

7. Have Your Leaders Dump a Cooler of Gatorade Over You! (or one of those church coffee urns full of hot coffee would work as well?)

6. Run and Chest Bump a Student! (or your Sr. Pastor!?)

5. Point to Your Spouse and Yell Thier Name (Adrian!...or Whatever Their Name Is)

4. Shake Up a Bottle of Mt. Dew and Spray It Over the Crowd! (a bottle of milk will work also)

3. Yell- "I Am Going to Disney World"! (or Chuck E Cheese, if your church is boycotting Disney?)

2. Snap your Mic in Half Over Your Knee and Walk Off!? (Snapping your podium in half is also way cool too)

1. Hold a Press Conference For A Post-Lesson Analysis (Let’s break down the homiletics, Jim...) 

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