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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Game #195: “Memory-ial Daze” (Screen Game)

Looking for a fun game to kick off the summer season with your group!? 

Perfect for this coming Memorial Day week/weekend or Anytime this summer! 

We call it “MEMORY-ial Daze”.  A silly 10 slide summer time memory challenge game! 


  • 10 Challenge Slides (1920 x 1080 jpgs)
  • 10 Question Slides 
  • 10 Answer Slides (1920 x 1080 jpgs)
  • 1 Bonus/Tie-breaker Challenge Slides (1920 x 1080 jpgs)
  • 1 Bonus/Tie-breaker Question Slide (1920 x 1080 jpgs)
  • 1 Bonus/Tie-breaker Answer Slide (1920 x 1080 jpgs)
  • Title Slide (1920 x 1080 jpgs)
  • Web/Promotional Slides (640 x 320 jpgs).
* TWO different Powerpoint Presentations (Flat & Editable) 


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