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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Game #194: "Proboscis Pudding Picasso” (upfront/group)

An messy and fun up-front big group version of pictionary, that your middle years will love! 

Get the phones ready because it is going to be Instagram-worthy!!

• 2 large newsprint pads or 2 large poster boards
• 2 easels
• 4 chocolate pudding cups

Quick explanation: Players using only their noses and chocolate pudding will have create a masterpiece.

Before the Game:
• Set up and secure large pads or poster board on easels
• Open the pudding cups

• Ask for 2 volunteers
• Give them the “quick explanation”
• On “Go” players will pick up a pudding cup and dip their nose in the pudding, then begin to draw a picture on the pad/poster board
• They will continue to dip and paint until the time allowed is up.

• Players can only use their hands to hold the pudding cup, they can not use their hands to do any actual drawing
• Plays may use other parts of their face, including their hair, if they choose to draw, smear or paint.

• The winner will be chosen by audience vote for the most creative, original masterpiece.

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