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Monday, February 5, 2018

Your Youth Ministry Might Be TOO HIPSTER If...

10. Your youth pastor doesn't just roast his own coffee beans, he grows them organically in his office?

9. Your praise band has a name, but people are not allowed to know it.  Their new cassette is available in the back on way out?

8. You don't have youth group t-shirts, you have youth group scarves!

7. You play dodgeball, but only in an ironic way.

6. All of your youth pastor's lesson handouts are made on a vintage ink printing press, in the youth office.

5. Your youth pastor doesn't teach any more, he just snapchats his thoughts on a passage.

4. Even the girls in your youth group have handlebar mustaches.

3. You switched out the communion crackers for fresh baked organic, whole-grain, gluten-free, quinoa and kale micro-loafs. Served with a demitasse.

2. Your youth department has its own on-staff Hebrew tattoo artist.

1. Your group adopted a Compassion child...LITERALLY!!

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