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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

News You Can Use: “Do Tweens and Teens Believe Fake News?”

In our job as Middle Years pastors, teachers and leaders we are trying to teach TRUTH, but it getting more and more difficult in the world of “Fake News”. 

Here is an interesting read from Common Sense Media, about what Tweens and and Teens believe? 

“ Let's be clear: "Fake news" has always existed. From P.T. Barnum to Ripley's Believe It or Not to supermarket tabloids, selling outrageous ideas has long been a part of our culture. Most kids can tell the difference between the shocking stories they see in the checkout line and the more evenhanded reporting they see on the local TV news.

But today's fake online news sources so closely mimic real news that it's challenging even for adults to discern what's real and what's fake. Also, kids have less experience in and context for evaluating news sources, so certain words or images that might immediately tell an adult that something is fake or biased might not have the same effect on kids. Indeed, the spread of "fake news" has made tweens and teens very skeptical of the information they see and hear. Some say teachers have done too good a job of teaching kids to be skeptical of what they read online -- kids doubt a legitimate news source as much as they doubt a random blogger...”   READ MORE AT “COMMON SENSE MEDIA” 

ALSO: CHECK OUT THIS INFOGRAPHIC (click to see full-size original) 

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