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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Game Book: “Ten Silly Scavenger Hunts”

People Continue to Ask Me About Scavenger Hunt Events. SO...Here Is A Quick Downloadable E-Book Collection of "TEN SILLY SCAVENGER HUNTS” 

Great to Use With Your Students for a Special Evening Event or Maybe as Part of Something to do with Your Adult Leaders, As a Bit of Team building!? 

Each Scavenger Hunt Includes:

  • A One Page Overview:
    • Supplies Needed
    • Quick Explanation 
    • Pre-Game Preparation
    • Game Play Instructions 
    • Rules
    • Winner Qualification 
  • A Separate One Page “Scavenger Hunt” Checklist 

Scavenger Hunts Included:

  • “American Church Pickers” 
  • “Christmas In July”
  • “Fast Food Frenzy”
  • “Great Grocery Game”
  • “Go Bananas:Camp Edition” 
  • “Home, Home on the Deranged” 
  • “Movie Mayhem” 
  • “Pizza Pizzazz” 
  • “Random Rainbow Run”
  • “Silly Signs” 


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