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Monday, November 27, 2017

Top 10: “Yo’ Youth Pastor... “Jokes?

Last week in a moment of spontaneous student ministry office discussion, we were talking about “Yo’ Mama” Jokes.  In the midst of this intelligent and deep ministry discussion came “YO’ Pastor Jokes...” or “Yo’ Youth Pastor Jokes...”.  We begin to google “Yo’ Mama Jokes” and insert "Yo’ Pastor” instead.   Here are at least ten of the top one that made me laugh.  

Hope it helps your Monday, after the holiday, start off with a bit of laughter and fun


10. Is so BIG ...  they don't just sit around the office, they sits AROUND the office!

9. Is so BIG...  they FILL the baptistry and then turn on the water. (*funnier if you are Baptist?) 

8. Is so BIG....  God said let there be light and just asked them to MOVE.

7. Is so BIG... they got in the church bus and made it a LOWRIDER.

6. Is so HAIRY...Star Wars CALLED them to be Chewbacca in the new Movie! 

5. Is so STUPID...they brought a SPOON to the Youth Group Super Bowl Party! 

4. Is so STUPID... they THOUGHT Dunkin Donuts was the church's men's basketball night! 

3. Is so BIG... The Pizza guy has THIER number on speed dial

2. Is so BIG... The church had to go BACK to pews.

1. Is so BIG... They wears a white t-shirt and they ARE the projection screen!

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