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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

News U Can Use: “The Great Divide of Millennial and Gen Z”

Last Saturday, at the Youth SpecialtiesNational Youth Workers Convention in the “Idea Labs” area, I presented a short topic interview “Stop Doing Millennial Ministry...Generation Z is Here!

I have continued to have people ask me questions about this topic and about Generation Z.  

Here is a great “News U Can Use” article from “Growing Leaders” and Tim Elmore about this CURRENT Generation of Students and Topic! 

"I recently met a woman who’s 99 years old. She’s amazing and still able to articulate the vast history she lived through during the 20th century. She was born on the heels of World War I and remembers people talking about the battles fought in Europe, women’s voting rights and the economic depression. She literally attended a one-room schoolhouse.

She and I had an intriguing conversation about changes through the generations.

Every Generation Has a Narrative
Every generation can be described by narratives. Those narratives make up the way a generation thinks and acts, as adolescents and adults. For instance, while all Baby Boomers didn’t smoke pot, enjoy free sex, participate in protests and love rock and roll, those components were integrated into the narrative of the youth population in the 1960s. It was a time of expanding self-confidence for youth. Generation X grew up after those Boomers, during the time of the birth control pill, the Vietnam War, the Watergate scandal and rising divorce rates, hence embodying a more jaded paradigm as they entered adulthood. It was a time of skepticism and cynicism. You get the idea.

Knowing this should never lead to stereotyping. Every individual is unique and no one wants to be put into a “box” where others assume they know exactly who you are based on your age, gender, ethnicity or creed. However, knowing the narratives that shaped each generation—and how each reacts to former generations—is helpful in understanding a person’s psyche. At Growing Leaders, our speaker team has done an increasing number of events around the world on “generational diversity.” It’s a hot topic because five generations are alive and well today, influencing each other.

Today, the newest generation is distancing themselves from the Millennials.

How Generation Z Is Breaking with the Millennials?...."- See more at:

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