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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Game #187: "Feed the Baby Bird”

• 2 bags of gummy worms
• 2 spring hinge clothes pins
• 1 large bowls
• A table
• Roll of masking tape or painters tape
• 60 to 120 second egg timer or multimedia countdown clock

Quick explanation: One player will act as a mama bird and go get a worm (gummy) in their beak (clothes pin) and bring it back and feed it to other player acting as a baby bird as quickly as possible and as many times as possible in time allowed.

Before the Game:
• Fill the bowl with a good amount of gummy worms
• Place the bowl and table at one end of the front of your meet area, a few feet away from the center.
• At the center and front of the meeting area create 2 small circles with the tape. Big enough for someone to sit or squat down inside of

• Ask for 2 pairs of volunteers
• Give them the “quick explanation”
• Have teams decide who will be the “mama bird” and who will be the “baby bird”
• The mama bird will be given the clothes pin (a beak) and the baby bird will squat or sit down inside the circle (the nest)
• On “Go!” the mama bird place the clothes pin in their mouth, run down to the table where the gummy worms are, pick up one, single gummy worm, bring it back and feed it to their teammate


• Players can not touch the gummy worms as any time
• If the gummy worm is dropped, it is out of play and a new gummy worm must be got.
• Baby bird players can not stand up and cannot leave their circle/nest

• After 1 or 2 minutes the team that has successfully fed the baby bird the most worms wins

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