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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Game #186: "Pipe Cleaner Pictionary”

• A package of pipe cleaners
• A package of index cards
• 30-60 second egg timer or multi-media countdown clock


Quick explanation: There are 2 teams, each round a member of the team will come to the front and try to get their team to guess the clue using just pipe cleaners.

Before the Game:
• Have pipe cleaners out of the package and available at the front of the room
• Write out clues on index cards (clue suggestions below)

• Divide the group up into 2 large teams
• Have each team go to one side or the other of the main meeting space but still facing forward
• Give the “quick explanation”
• Ask for a volunteer from the first team to come, show them the clue
• On “Go” the person using only the pipe cleaners must shape the clue and try to get their team to guess correctly
• Game continues with teams and players taking turns

• Player up front can not say anything or make noises
• Players can not form letters, numbers or try to spell out the clue
• If a team does not guess the clue correctly in the time allowed the other team has a chance to “steal” by as a group deciding on one guess.
• For each correct guess the team gets one point

• The winning team is the team that has the most point/ correct guess overall
• Do not announce category, unless you would like. It will make it a bit more fun and difficult

Clue Suggestions:
• Animals: Horse, Cow, Elephant, Monkey,…
• Object: Car, Motorcycle, Tree,…
• Actions: Run, Jump, Fly…
• Famous People: Sponge Bob, Taylor Swift, Spiderman

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