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Monday, September 11, 2017

Top 10: REAL Reasons for Volunteering in Middle Years Ministry?

Yes, they just keep on coming! Here is yet another "REAL Top 10 Lists".   This time around is absolutely, honest to goodness REAL reasons I have heard from people why they are interested in volunteering and leading in one of my 5th-9th grade ministries over the years.   

Believe it our not... 

10. I have to be with my child.  Even though they are in 8th grade, they still cry when I leave them. 

9. I am afraid my daughter will get pregnant. I need to be there so boys won't talk to her. 

8. I don't trust you as a youth pastor. 

7. This was the age when I started doing (____________), so I want to talk to kids all about that? 

6. Middle school was a bad experience for me, my therapist said this could be an opportunity for a "do over"? 

5. My spouse is making me. 

4. So my wife won't force me to get a job and work evenings. 

3. I am not cool enough to work with in the 9th-12th grade ministry. 

2.  My girlfriend is in the group? 

1. I didn't get your job, so I am here for when you fail.

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