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Monday, June 5, 2017

Top 10: Youth Might Be a Middle Years Pastor If...

10. The pizza delivery guy knows your voice on the phone! (and...they have a special named after you or your ministry)

9. You have ever used a whoopie cushion as an object lesson. (or...have ever had someone fart during a lesson and you just made it an illustration and kept on rolling) 

8. You have a pair of "dress chuckies" (and/or a item of clothes that you refer to as "your adult service outfit") 

7. You have ever started your day with a pile of nerf darts on your desk, that the maintenance staff found after your nerf wars night (a month ago!) 

6.  You have a preferred dodgeball account with Rhino skin. (or a standing order for "finger blasters"  that automatically ship to you ever 6 months) 

5. You have ever forgotten yourself and fist bump the Sr. Pastor and called him "Dude"(or slipped and ask his wife, "what up girl!?) 

4. You have ever cracked a fart joke during announcements. (in the adult worship service) 

3. You have more youth group, vbs, and camp t-shirts in your wardrobe than brand names ones! (the same goes for your sweatshirts...) 

2.  You have ever ruined a romantic date with your spouse, with a disgusting game idea! (or woke them up in the middle night to tell me a crazy lesson, game, or illustration idea) 

1.You have ever made a batch of brownies in the shape of dog poop and freaked out your students by eating one on a hike at camp! (*true story...pure awesomeness!)

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