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Monday, April 10, 2017

Top 10: Youth Ministry in the City vs. Youth Ministry in the Country!

10. Street Racing? (souped up cars VS. souped up horse & buggy...seriously)

9. Friday Nights? (hang with your kids at mall and Starbucks VS. hang with your kids at the DQ after the game)

8. Downtown? (area with stores, restaurants, traffic VS. the road by the cotton gin, the post office, and beauty parlor)

7. A Block? (1 street down VS. 1 mile...give or take?)

6.  Schools? ("All youthworkers must be 100 yards off of school property between first bell and last bell" VS. "Hey, this is the principal at_____ I just wanted to call and let you know _______ got in trouble, can you come over?"

5.  Friday Bonfire? (A small fire pit with 4 logs and a reasonable flame VS. everything that we can find that is flammable on 4 farm radius,  flame visible from space) 

4.  Going out to Eat? (a over-priced fish, cucumber and mint taco served with a side organically grown kale VS. an all-you-can-eat Smorgasbord of down-home style food, served with a side of gravy) 

3. Family? (Those people you live with in your house when dad is not working and the kids are not out of town for travel parcheesi team or the national geometry bee  VS. The imperfect but hardworking people that care for you and... the 23 cousins, aunts, uncles that live walking distance from your house, that also care for you.)

2. Church? (a few building in the suburbs, where people go occasionally at Easter and Christmas or an old stone building downtown, that is now a nightclub  VS. multiple buildings located everywhere, where everyone in the area, is a member of at least 3, and the family attends at least 1 regularly, and their kids attend at least 2 of the youth groups regularly)  

1.  Students? THE SAME! 
They are being influenced by the same social media, TV, movies, and music.  They have the same spiritual questions, struggles, and temptations. They experience the  same heart-break.  They face the same pressures to succeed.  They have the same family issues.   They have the SAME NEED for a youth ministry and youth leader (paid or unpaid), that care for them, love them, and are willing to be present in their lives.  THEY HAVE THE SAME NEED FOR JESUS! 

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