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THE MIDDLE YEARS MINISTRY is a Site Dedicated to Providing Resources, Ideas, and Help to Next Generation Pastors, Leader, Directors, Teachers, Mentors. Our goal is to MEET YOU in the MIDDLE in the Middle Years
, the Pivotal 5th-9th Grade Years. The middle ground between children’s ministry and high school ministry. The age where 85% of people make their final life-long faith decisions.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

April Featured Blog: "The Discipleship Project"

"Discipleship is the hardest, least sexiest, most frustrating part of youth ministry but it reaps the greatest rewards. Too often youth worker are busy just trying to survive unreasonable pastors, parents, and church members to develop a strategy to disciple kids. We often let camp, retreats, and conferences do this for us. Kids who modifyd their behavior so they can be accepted within the spiritual community is not a disciple of Jesus, they are a follower of the program. They nod their head, raise their hands, and say amen at the right time. So, their will be no short cuts, no soft words, no warning triggers, just the truth along with the best ideas, resources and strategies to give you the best chance of developing life-long followers of Jesus."- Paul Turner 

This Site is Jam-Packed with Resources! 

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