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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Valentine's Game: "Heart-Headed"

A fun no-prep Valentines Day whole group game, where every man (or woman) is for themselves in "Showing the Love" as they swat, hit, and push others around so they can the ultimate "heart-headed" winner!!

- Enough "conversation hearts" candies for every person in your group.
- Room to move around a little.

Explanation/Game Play:

Simple Explanation: Every player has a heart candy balanced on their forehead as they try to go around and knock off other player's candy

Game Play 
- Hand out one candy heart to every single person
- Explain the basic idea/rules
- Have everyone look up and place the candy heart, laying flat on their forehead (no licking!)
- On "Go!" everyone starts moving around the room trying to knock off other peoples candy by bumping, swatting, and grabbing.
- The last person still with a heart on their head is the winner! 
Prize Suggestion: a plastic toy hard hat full of candy conversation hearts? 

Rules and Hints:
- Once the game starts players are not allowed to touch, hold or rearrange their own heart
- Once a heart hits the ground it can not be placed back on the the forehead. 
- Keep the pushing, swatting and grabbing to an appropriate, non-violent level?? 

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