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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Game #165: "Pin the Pucker" (Upfront Game)

Another quick silly up-front challenge that is sure to bring a whole lot of laughs! 

Perfect for a series on Love, Relationships, Dating, Purity or just a fun upfront game around Valentine's Day! 

SUPPLIES:Png labels
- Red marker (or red lip stick)
- 3 blindfolds/bandanas 
- 1 stool

Quick explanation: A fun twist on the old "pin the tail on the donkey" but instead people will be "pinning the pucker" on another person's face

Before the Game:
- Draw or create red lips on circle mailing labels.   
- Set up stool upfront in center or on the stage so everyone can see.
- Set out blindfolds

- Ask for one male or female volunteer.   
- Seat the volunteer on the stool
- Ask for 3-4 volunteers of the opposite sex of the seated student
- Bring them to the front of the room and blind fold them.
- Tell them you will be playing a "kissing game"
- Before they get to freaked out explain that you will be handing them a circle sticker with a pair of lips on it. 
- Give them the "quick explanation".
- Tell them that the winner will be the person that comes closest to putting the lip sticker on the person's real lips.  
- Take volunteer one, spin them around a couple times and point them in the right direction and "Go!"
- After they have gone allow them to look and see how they did.
- Repeat until everyone has gone. 

- Blindfolded players cannot use their hands to feel for the person's face.
- One the label/sticker has been placed it cannot be moved
- Seated player cannot say anything, make any noise, help in anyway, or move. 

- Help players a little bit to guide them to make sure they are "Aiming High" and keeping the game PG!! 

- The player that gets their sticker closest to the seated person's actual lips.

Prize Suggestion? 
- Large over-sized Hershey Kiss or a bag of Hershey Kisses
- Large candy lips. 

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