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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Game #94: "Bring Me On a Silver Platter..." (Big Group/Crowdbreaker)

The group is divided up into 2-4 teams and into the 2-4 4 corners.   There needs to be an adult leader in every corner with every team, with a a game leader in the middle of the room.

The game leader in the middle will announce a person(s) that needs to be brought to them on a “silver platter” (rolling scooter, gym-class style), based on what they announce (see list of suggestions below).  The first team to get their person, onto the platter (scooter) pushed out to the leader in the center, and touch the leader wins a point for their team. Depending on the size of your group and teams you can make the rule that a player can only be brought the to center once/twice, during the game, so the same player can not be going out over and over. 

-       A person with blond hair
-       A person who hates Chipotle
-       A person who knows someone famous
-       A person with no siblings
-       A person that ate at Mc Donalds in the last week
-       A person that has braces
-       A person with the letter “B” in their first name
-       A person who has lived in our more than 3 years
-       A person that plays the a musical instrument
-       2 boys of the same height
-       A person with bad breath
-       2 girls from the same school
-       A person that doesn’t have their own cellphone
-       A person who has been to Hawaii
-       A person with a funny middle name
-       A person with green eyes
-       2 people with a “T” in their last name
-       A person who has never been on a rollercoaster

-       3 people who brush their teeth every NIGHT before bed

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