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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

News U Can Use: "Tween and Kids Brands & Snapchat Marketing"

"There’s a high school student in New York with a very important job on her hands, and it doesn’t exactly involve algebra homework. The 16-year-old oversees the Snapchat account for Genius Brands International’s (GBI) tween-focused SpacePOP brand. The music-themed IP launched this summer with a hefty social media mandate that spans the likes of YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, PopJam and Snapchat—but there’s something about the latter that’s different from the rest.

Snapchat’s world of scribbled animations, geofilters and 10-second disappearing videos are convoluted, raw and perfectly suited for tweens and teens who are looking for an authentic experience amidst an overly filtered social stratosphere. Which is why, despite having an in-house social media team in place, GBI thinks a young Snapchat savant can best reach SpacePOP fans through recurring snaps and unpolished videos that are posted in the name of community outreach.

And what a Snapchat community there is. More than 150 million people use the app daily, consuming upwards of 10 billion videos per day—a remarkable 350% increase over last year. According to recent Statista data, nearly a quarter of US Snapchat users are between the ages of 13 and 17. And while under-13s are technically prohibited, the platform is well-known for boasting a solid tween user base. And they’re batting their mascara-filtered eyelashes at the thousands of marketers and media outlets flocking to the app en masse in the name of boosting brand recognition and engagement. In fact, a July Advertiser Perceptions report showed the majority of social media ad spending nowadays is focused primarily on building brand awareness rather than inciting an immediate performance-based action...."


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