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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Summer Camp Game/Big Group Game: "Assassins"

A HUGE Hit last year at our JH/SH Camp! 

A Sneaky, Full Camp, All-Day or Longer Game That Includes Every Students.  

A Way to Get to Know Each Other While Also Finding a Way to ASSASSINATE Them!? 

- Small (pocket-size) inexpensive squirt guns: enough for every single student & leaders
- Print off of every student name on small strip of paper)

Game Play/Explanation
Simple explanation: every person has the name of another person that they must "assassinate" and to continue the game before they are assassinated.

Set up:
- Print off and cut into small strips of a paper every student and leaders name, putting them all in a container
- Put all the small squirt guns in to a large container
- At breakfast or the first thing in the morning have every person get a squirt gun and grab one slip of paper with a name on it (they can not get their own name)
- People should not tell anyone whose name they have

Game Play: 
- Once everyone has a gun and a name they game will begin.
- Player will have the rest of the day to try to assassinate the person they have without anyone seeing using their little squirt gun.
- Once they have assassinate their target the target must they hand over their slip of paper and the game continues.
- The person who was assassinated it now out of the game, the assassin continues by now working the assassinate the next target.
- The game continue all while the assassin is themselves being hunted as well.

No Assassinations during worship/services times or during "small group times/discussion times"
- The assassination weapon is ONLY the little squirt guns.  Other squirt guns, hoses, not count.
- There can be NO WITNESSES to the actual assassination shot. If someone sees the actual shot, it does not count and the assassin has to try again.  (*examples: if someone can sneak up behind someone in line and shot someone before someone see- it counts. if someone can shoot someone under the table at a meal-it counts. ) People can be around and it can happen in a public place or in a crowd, the shot and/or gun just can not be seen.

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