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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Game/Youth Ministry Invention: "American Angleball"

"Angleball was created during World War 2 by D1 College Hall of Fame football and basketball coach, Rip Engle, as an awesome way to keep American service men and women, students and athletes, fit! You can find a historical newspaper article where Engle talks about creating the sport, here. But American Angleball's history goes even deeper than that! American Angleball is inspired by North America's oldest sport, anejodi; learn more, here!

Today American Angleball equipment is used for NFL player conditioning in the NFL and for fun and fitness by schools, camps, and all age and gender groups across the US, Canada, India, Africa & Asia; American Angleball plus all International Affiliates form the aptly named, International Angleball. You can see NFL, and other professional endorsements for American Angleball here, and information about Africa's first angleball club, sponsored by American Angleball, here." 

CLICK HERE (to find out more and see the rules) 

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