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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lesson/Illustration: "How's Your Walk?"

Quick Lesson Illustration On Your Christian Walk and Following Jesus. 

- Micah 6:8
- John 12:35
- Gal. 5:16
- Eph. 5:1-3
- Col. 3:7
- I John 1:5-7

- Dress Shoes: Your Christian Walk only comes out on Sunday, when you want to show off how spiritual you are.  Your Christian Life is about being shiny and pretty. It is about the once or twice a week church and youth group time.

- Flip Flops: Your Christian Walk is cheap, easy and flimsy.  You just "flip flop" around to whatever seems the easiest to believe and whatever everyone else it doing, saying, and believing.

- Work Boots: Your Christian Walk is about the work of the Christian life and serving.  You think if you are tough enough and work hard enough that God will accept you. You send your time trying to find the next project to show God and everyone else how good you are.

- Chuck Taylor: Your Christian Walk is about what is fashionable and cool.   You just want everyone to think you are cool and trendy.  You love the concerts, the events, and rallies.  You are into being a Christian when it is cool, fashionable and relaxed.

- Casual Shoes: Your Christian Walk is more casual. You are not a flip flop Christian or a work boot Christian. You could be a work boot or a dress shoe, but it is a bit too much effort. You show up to church, events and other stuff here and there, when there is nothing else to do like sports?   You talk about Christ and act like a christian sometimes, but not all of the time.

 - Sneakers/Athletic Shoes:  Your Christian Walk is an every day thing.  You know you need to workout and spend the time to keep your walk in shape.  You are an all-around, all the time Christian.  You are comfortable, but able to work, and ready to do what needs to be done.  You are there on Sundays, youth group nights, and also the fun stuff too but are also willing to live it out the rest of the week as well.

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