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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hint/Help #24 : Girl's Night PG Movies

Due to the popularity of my previous "Movie Night" Posts
- "20 Funny Youth Group Movie Night Movies"
- "20 More Serious Youth Group Movie Night Movies"
- "15 Appropriate Halloween/Fall Time Movies"
And some recent requests, here are 20 suggestions for PG Girl's Night Movies. 
As always you know your church and group.  Take a careful look at the "Plugged In" reviews or other's thoughts before showing any movie. 

Hope these help you and save you a couple minutes, especially if you are looking for an ideas last minute! 

20. A Cinderella Story 
19. Raise Your Voice
18. Leap Year 
17. Monte Carlo 
16. The Cutting Edge 
15. The Prince and Me 
14. The Princess Bride (of course, somewhere on the list) 
13. Marly & Me 
12. Nancy Drew 
11. Confession of a Teenage Drama Queen 
10. Confessions of a Shopaholic 
9. My Girl 
8. The Parent Trap (New One) 
7. The Princess Diaries (1 &2) 
6. Freaky Friday   (old or new) 
5. You Again
4. High School Musicals 
3. Ever After 
2. Enchanted 
1. Annie (New One)

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