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Monday, February 8, 2016

Top 10: OTHER Things You Might Give to First Time Guest?

10. A Nerf Gun!? (lean forward and whisper..."run!" 

9.  An Autographed Picture of You!?  (not creepy at ALL!) 

8.  A Handbook to Survive the Coming Zombie Apocalypse!? (if your that kind of church, see Revelation....)

7.  A Coupon for a Hug from the Person of Their Choice!?  ("Hey Mom, I want to go back there I got a hug from a super cute girl!" = 2nd time visitor!) 

6.  VHS of Carmen's Greatest Hits Videos!? (we have to get rid of them somehow) 

5.  A Diet Coke and a Package of Mentos? (what is the worst that could happen?) 

4.  A Cassette of Sandy Patti's Greatest Hits (same box that you found the Carmen VHS, seriously a case of 20!??) 

3.  A Sample Size Axe Body Spray!? (??) 

2.  A Can of Creamed Corn (*True Story!) 

1.  A pound of Bacon!! 

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