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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Game #87: "Puppy Monkey Baby" (Big Group/Upfront) UPDATE

Thanks to newest haunting Mt. Dew commercial from this last Sunday’s Super Bowl. We are now forever stuck with the image of a PUPPY-MONKEY-BABY! Here is quick simple game to play with your group based off of all of that.

Simple Instructions:
Similar to the DYM game poser or the old classic “Gorilla Man Gun” students will be choosing 1 of
3 poses.
  • Puppy: hands and arms in front of them like a begging puppy and barking 
  • Monkey: hand and arms to their side, slightly crouched looking like a monkey and making monkey sounds 
  • Baby: hands and arms in front of them forming a cradle and crying. 
You have a choice of 3 videos that you can choose from that will stop on “Puppy”, “Monkey” or
“Baby”. If the video stops on the pose the students making that pose are out and must sit down.

Included are:
  • A title slide jpeg 
  • 3 pose slides jpeg 
  • A video bumper 
  •  3 pose videos 
  • And the original commercial just in case your students have not seen it!

Click Here (to download everything) 

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