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Monday, January 25, 2016

Top 10: OTHER Relationships You Need to Try to Make? (*Classic)

We all talk about relational ministry and who we need to have strong relationships with. We often discuss the need for better relationships with parents and fellow pastors. We all know there are certain people we need or have to have relationships with, but I would like to suggest 10 "OTHER" relationships you may not usually consider, that you should.....

10. The Church Custodian/Head of Maintance

9. The Sr. Pastor's Secretary

8. The Children's Pastor/Director/Person in Charge

7. The Head of the Board (Deacon, Elder,...)

6. The Principal
(at the school where the biggest number of your students attend)

5. The Assistant Principal (the one that usually takes care of the discipline issues)

4. The Owner of the Nearest Locally Owned Pizza Place (seriously!) 

3. The Head of the Trustees or Build and Grounds

2. The Sr. Pastor's Wife

1. The OLDEST active member in your congregation

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