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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

News U Can Use: "Middle School Friendships Are Doomed"

" Are you still friends with that bestie you made way back in middle school? If so, kudos to you both — you're an amazing anomaly. According to a new Psychological Sciencestudy on adolescence reported by New York Magazine, only one percent of the friendships formed in seventh grade will make it through high school. (Way to go, Kimmy Gibbler and DJ Tanner. You continue to inspire us all.)

To complete the study, researchers at Florida Atlantic and Radboud universities followed 410 teens, checking in with each of them once a year, every year, from seventh through twelfth grade. And while the results may not be too surprising to anyone who has walked the sometimes horrible halls of middle school, seeing the unwritten social realities of adolescence translated into clear statistics is fascinating...."

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