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Monday, November 30, 2015

Top 10: Youth Ministry Lessons From A Guitar Lesson

My 6th grade daughter has recently been taking introductory guitar lessons.  They are set up in a group lesson format with a small group of other students of similar age (6th-8th)  She is the only girl, the rest are boys.

I have been taking our son to his soccer practices, while my wife takes our daughter to her lessons.  She asked if we could switch for the night so I could hear her play and see her lessons. 

As I sat and watched, I started to reflect a bit on 5th-8th grade youth ministry. Here are 10 things I LEARNED from her lesson.  You can draw your own conclusions of my opinion of her instructor... 

10. Students will make mistakes

9. Don't try to be cool

8. Condescending turns kids off

7. Look your student in the eye when you talk to them

6. Teaching is sometimes more about doing and less about talking

5. Take the time to get to know your students

4. Get on your students level

3. Come prepared to teach, you expect your students be prepared to learn

2. You have limited amount of time with your students don't waste it

1. It is about the students not about you!

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