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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Free Thanksgiving Resources Collection (Updated!)

It is the time of year again.  You are frantically looking for a quick lesson, games, graphic, or a quick media add-on to complete your Thanksgiving time youth group night! 
Here is a collection of 30+ FREE resources that  I hope will help you out! 

- "Being Thankful"
- "Thank God"
- "Focusing on God" 
-  "Expressing Thanks"
-  "Celebrating American Stuff or Giving Thanks?"
- "More Than a Day" and "Why It Matters"
- Overflowing with Thankfulness 
- Thanksgiving Backwards Quail
- Why Do We Say Thanks 

- "4 Thanksgiving Games Collection"  
-  "10 Minute to Win It:Thanksgiving Games"  
-  "Pumpkin Pandemonium" (Powerpoint Trivia )
- "Thanksgiving Word Jumble" (Powerpoint Game)
- "Gravy Pop-SICKLES" (Up Front Challenge) 
- "Would You Rather: Thanksgiving Edition" (Icebreaker/Mixer)
-  Pumpkin Themed Games (Variety of Team Games)
- Candy Corn Hole
- Thanksgiving Time Ideas 
- Thanksgiving: World Record Edition (powerpoint game) 

- "Give Thanks" 
"Give Thanks" #2
- "Happy Thanksgiving" (title & slide)
- "Great Turkey Giveaway" (holiday service project)
-  "Thanksgiving Outreach" (slide collection) 
- Give Thanks For He Has Given Jesus Christ (slide collection)
- Give Thanks (background) 


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