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Monday, September 21, 2015

Top 10: "Other" REAL Reasons to Go into Youth Ministry?

These are REAL conversation I have had with REAL students, people interviewing, or fellow youth workers over the years for why they want to, are going to, or are in Youth Ministry?

10. Didn't know what else do with my life?

9. Because all you do is sit around, pray, & read the Bible all day

8. My career as a rock star didn't work out

7. My mom/wife/dad wanted me too

6. It seemed like the easiest major in college

5. It seemed like an easy, fun job

4. All the free stuff & great pay.

3. You are so cool, so I want to be cool too

2. My dad is the Sr. Pastor.

1. I had a great spiritual time in my youth ministry growing up, and just 
didn't want the great spiritual times to stop in my life? 

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