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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Game #81: "Puppet Master Charades" (Upfront/Group Game)

- Note Cards
- Egg Timer or Countdown Clock

Quick explanation: Players will be using their partner as a puppet to play charades, to get their team to guess the answer in the time allowed

Before the Game:
- Write down a variety of clues or go and purchase a pre-made charades/charades-like game

Game Play
-Divide the group up into 2 equal teams
-Explain the simple rule…
   *Partners will come to the front. One person will stand behind the other and use them as a puppet
    to act out the assigned charade clue. Their group will have only a certain amount of time (30-60
    seconds?) to correctly guess the clue.
- Switch back and forth between teams.
- Play as many rounds as you like and time allows for


- Usual charades rules apply (
- No speaking
- No acting out letter of numbers

- List of Charades ideas online:
 - Switch around having child puppet parents at some point during the game.

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