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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Top 10: "Other" VBS Themes....

I recently did my first Vacation Bible School in 10 years, in my newly updated position that includes 5th and 6th grade! 

It of course got me thinking about the popular themes of VBS from the different curriculum companies.  It also got my "pre-teen"/"middle school" brain working?  What would be some 
"other" VBS themes that might attract kids??

Here is what I and some of my leaders came up with in the midst of the tiredness and silliness during the week....

10. BACON! (Don't sizzle in hell for eternity)

9. ZOMBIES! (I am the resurrection and the life)

8. MUSTACHES! (I "mustache" you a question)

7.  MINECRAFT! (God the creator of our adventure)

6. STARBUCKS! (*because that is the theme of VBS by Wednesday anyway)

5.  FROZEN! (Summertime fun w/ Olaf)

4.  CANDY!  (I have a sweet "truth")

3. LEGOS! (Building Up Christ's Kingdom)

2. SONGS OF SOLOMON!? (Love...)

1. DODGEBALL!  (duck, dip, dive and dodge sin!) 

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