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Monday, June 22, 2015

Top 10: What If People Acted Like They Act at Church, Other Places?

10.  Calling Your Dentist's Wife at Home and Complaining About How Her Husband Did Your Fillings?

9. Grounding Your Kids from Going to School For 2 Weeks?

8.  Spilling Your Drink in the Middle Of Your Friends Living Room Carpet, and Then Just Walking Away?

7. Allowing Your Kids to Walk Behind the Counter at Mc Donald's and Rummage Around to See If There is Something Better to Eat? 

6. Email Your Boss at Home and Ask Him, When He Needed that Report Due Again?

5. Write an Anonymous Note to Your Child's Teacher, Telling Them How Much Better Last Year's Teacher Was?

4. Walking into Starbucks and Telling Someone to Move, Because That is the Table You Always Sit at?

3.  Whenever Your Spouse Starts Sharing About How Much She Loves You, You Pull Out Your Phone and Start Texting or Just Close Your Eyes and Just Fall Asleep?

2. Having Your Kids Only Show Up to Practices When There is Nothing Else Going On,...Then Get Mad When The Coach Tells You They Can't Go to the End of the Year Tournament?

1. Never Read Your Textbook or Study Outside of Class and  And Then Complain That You Aren't Learn Anything!!? 

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