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Monday, June 1, 2015

Top 10: Things I Have Never Heard A JH/MS Student Say....

Over 20+ years of doing youth ministry I have had parents, adults, and other leaders say many things, make comments, and even have a wide variety of complaints.  Students of course have crazy, funny, and off handed things they are always saying.  

BUT I have never heard a Jr. High/Middle School Students say...

10.  I stopped coming to youth group because I didn't like your theology. 

9.  I got 2 front row tickets to the new Gaither's tour! 

8.  Tonight was way too much fun. 

7.  Please stop sending me personal handwritten encouragement notes. 

6.  My parents realized that my sports career is only going to last another couple years, but a relationship with God is for a lifetime, so they made me quit so I can come to church more. 

5. The music is a bit to contemporary for my taste, can we sing more hymns. 

4.  What is the greek word for...anything, ever. 

3.  The girls cabins feels that the light out time is too late and they will be going to bed earlier to make sure they get enough sleep this weekend. 

2. Wait where did you go to seminary again? 

1.  What Free Pizza Again!? 

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