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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Game #76: "Silly Sloppy Snorkel Slurpees"

Head on over to your nearest 7-Eleven and hold on to your heads because it is going to be a brain-freezing good time of silly, sloppy fun! 

- 2 Snorkels (*cheap kids ones from Walmart work great)
- 2 Large pitchers
- 2-4 of the largest "Slurpees" or "Slushies" you can buy.  (or simply use Kool-aid, Punch, or another liquid of choice for a game without the brain-freeze)

Set Up:
- Fill 2 pitchers with your Slurpees or liquid of choice
- Place the pitchers on a raise surface of table
- Have 2 snorkels ready, but hidden

Game Play/Explanation:
Quick explanation: players will try to suck as much liquid as they can through a snorkel in 60 seconds.
- Call 2 players up to the front or the playing area
- Explain that this is a "Brain-Freeze" game and they are going to drink as much "Slurpee" as they can in 60 seconds.
- Then pull out the snorkel and submerge them into the pitchers.
- On "Go!" players will slurp and suck as much out of the pitcher as fast as they can!

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