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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Game #75: "Please Hold the Line" (Big Group, Partner)

A Teachable Teamwork and Communication Partner Racing Game, Where A Little Bit of Tension is GOOD!!? 

- 4 Long Pieces of Rope (10-12 feet long each) if you are playing 2 teams, more if you have a bigger group with more teams
- 2 Large Buckets or Tubs
- A wide variety of tennis ball size balls (ball pit balls, whiffleballs...)
- A long play area, inside or outside

Quick explanation: Partners will each be holding the ends of 2 rope in each hand while transporting a ball balanced between the 2 pieces of rope from one end of the playing area to the other.

Before the Game: 
- Fill up one tub or bucket full of balls, make sure you have enough balls to have 1 ball per every 2 people.
- Place a tub/bucket full of balls on the starting end of the playing area.
- Place an empty tub/bucket on the far end of the playing area as your goal.
- Cut 4 or more pieces rope, equal length, 10-12 feet long.  Place them at the starting end of the playing area

Game Play
- Divide the group into 2 teams or more for larger groups.
- Have everyone find a partner
- On "Go" pairs will have to grab the end of each rope and pull it tense between the 2 of them, placing one ball ON the rope.
- Once players have the ball balanced on the rope, they will then work to transport the ball to the other end of the playing area and drop it into the empty tub/bucket.
- Once pairs have successfully taken their ball to the other end they run back and give the rope to the next pair in line on their team
- Winning team is the team that has all of their pairs successfully complete the task.

- No holding  the ball
- Once the ball is on the rope, players can not touch the ball unless it hits the ground.
- If the ball falls, pairs must stop where they are at and place the ball back on the rope and continue on
- Ball can not be squeezed between the ropes, it must be balanced on TOP of the ropes.

- The best balls to use are tennis balls, but feel free to use any kind of ball of any size to really make it challenging.
- Consider playing the game with not being able to talk, for an extra challenge.
- Great game to play on a parent night/event pairing up kids and with their parents! 

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