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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Top 10: MORE Church Reality Shows

Maybe you have seen my previous Top 10's about Reality Shows...

 - "Top 10: Church-Based Reality Shows" (*featured in Group Magazine

- "Top 10: Youth Pastor Reality Shows" 

- "Top 10: Reality Show Titles That COULD be About JH/MS Ministry" 

Well, I just couldn't resist so I  am back at it again with another Ran-Dumb fun reality show inspired Top 10,  Hope you like it.  Feel free to share, repost or create your own! 

10. Church Rescue- Bar Rescue and Restaurant Impossible with bit more yelling!?

9. House of God Hunters- 1 couple, 3 churches, 1 weekend to decide!?

8. Man Vs. Wild Jr. High Boys (lock-in edition)- you thought living off the land and finding a place to sleep in Alaska was hard.  Try to wrestle a slice a pizza away from a Jr. High boy or get any sleep during a overnight!

7. Keeping Up with the Music Pastor- follow the highly fashionable while also very dramtic life of one family...

6. Real Housewives of Youth Ministry- stuck at home with the kids, while their husbands are away for a whole summer of camp, missions trips, conferences, and more.  It is about to get REAL!

5. Catfishers of of Men- find out what happens when young singles "evangelistically date" non-believers?

4. Baptism Tank- people come in to be interviewed by a panel of church leaders to prove they are spiritually ready to be baptized...

3. Vanilla Ice Goes Baptist- you thought Ice going Amish was weird, wait until you see what happens when he is not allowed to dance, go to the movies, drink and has to read only the KJV!

2. Youth Ministry Moms- think "Dance Moms" but tougher and with a little more attitude..."What do you mean my son is not talented enough for the worship team!!..."How dare you tell me my daughter can't go on the mission trip because she doesn't attend youth group?!...

1. Deacon Dynasty- group of wild and crazy backwood's church leaders run a successful church while also doing whatever they please...

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