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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ready...Set...Break! (Writing, Blogging, Creating Elsewhere)

It is has been a whirlwind of a last year.  Starting around this time last year, we begin the process of interviewing and then accepting a new position at a new church.  Which meant moving our family from the mid-west to just outside Washington DC.  Going from a small town in Ohio to almost walking distance from the "beltway".

As I posted here awhile back I did it all while continue to blog, write, and even do a little outside speaking.   I even took on a new role outside my new church to start working with Parent Ministry.Net 

I wisely took a break from writing or doing anything other than my church ministry and my work with Parent Ministry.   January rolled around and I opened myself back up to some outside projects but now, with an additional twist to my ongoing story besides my new position as a 7th/8th grade pastor at my new amazing church.  I will now be temporarily (*for now) be taking over the 5th/6th grade ministry of the church, as that pastor from our staff leaves.

So I am once again just going to be taking a break from posting here for a little bit, in order to put "my hands in" on a few other teams and places.  Here are some of the other "teams" I will be working with to write and create for, where you can find some of my stuff in the coming month.

Check Back HERE, Soon For Fresh Content! As Always Feel Free to Look Around and Use/ReUse Whatever Will Help You in Your Ministry! 

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