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Friday, September 26, 2014

Youth & Ministry App: "Kurbo Health" (Weight Loss help for 8-18)

"Kurbo Health .... has come up with a weight loss app designed for kids ages eight to 18 that focuses on good food choices and overall activity rather than calorie counting and specific workouts. The idea being that young people shouldn’t be worried about things like tallying calories, and should instead focus on building good eating habits in a broader sense.

Kurbo’s system is based on a traffic light-esque category system where green foods like fresh fruits and vegetables are the best and red foods like high-calorie snacks and candies are to be avoided. This is combined with a personalized coaching program that ranges anywhere from one week (for $20) to three months (for $180), and provides one-on-one guidance.

All things considered, the Kurbo program is simple and straightforward, and according to testimonials—which Kurbo is all about promoting—the app seems to be effective if used as intended. Kurbo reports an 85 percent success rate, where success is defined as a reduction in a child’s BMI and weight loss is maintained...."  (FROM: "Daily Dot"

CLICK HERE (to check it & share with your students)

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