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Monday, September 15, 2014

Top 10: Things to Ask When Interviewing a New MS/JH Ministry Assistant?

10. What is your preferred dodgeball brand?

9. Here is a can of Spam, what is the first game idea that comes to your mind?

8. Chubby Bunny: For or Against?

7. The Message or KJV1611?

6. WPMT? Words per minute typing...No? It stands for "Waterballoon Per Minute TIED!

5. Do You Have Bus Driver CDL?

4. If the the Sr. Pastor Were to Come By, During My Nap Time, What is the Correct Answer to "Where is He?"

3. Is It Okay If We Pay You in Rolls of Quarters from the Pop Machine? 

2.  How is Your Aim with a Nerf Gun?

1. Would You Mind Smelling This Pile of Lost and Found Clothes From the Boys Retreat Last Weekend? How Do You Feel About the Job Now? 

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