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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Top 10: Jesus Was a MS/JH Youth Pastor?

10. Could feed a crowd on a limited budget?

9.  Sandals and a Cool Beard....Hello!

8.  Hated having fundraisers at church?

7. Loved a good object lesson.

6. Single and lived with His mom until He was 30?

5. Was dared to jump off the roof of the church?

4.  Said things that were completely confusing to the older members of the church.

3.  Hung out more outside the church building than inside it.

2. Students kept falling asleep when He prayed for too long?

1. He only had 3 years with His students (..and then they still went and changed world!)

* AND....Looking at Matt. 17:24-27 and Considering Jewish Culture of Being Chosen to Follow a Rabbi at 12 years Old...11 out of 12 of of His Disciple Really Might Have Been JH/MS Age?!! 


  1. I have done #5...but lived to tell the tale!

  2. I am with you until the end... I dont think any were actually that young.

  3. in Matt. 20:21 Jesus got to deal with a parent who wanted special treatment for her kids...that never happens in youth ministry...