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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Game #62: "Beach Umbrella Topsy Turvy Toss"

Another Completely  Ran-Dumb, Funny and Ever So Easy Quick Summer Time Youth Group Game For Your Next Youth Night, Event, Picnic, or Evening at the Beach??

- 2 Large Umbrellas (*preferably "beach umbrellas or golf umbrellas", but any umbrellas will do)
- 20-30 water balloons

Set Up:
Fill up 20-30 water balloons is the only real pre-set up.

Explanation/Game Play:
- Brief Explanation: teams will be tossing water balloons into a large upside down umbrella held over a partner's head.
- Ask for 2 teams of 2 to come volunteer.  When they are in the front of the group hand one player an umbrella and the other a container with 10-15 water balloons each.
- Ask the umbrella players to step back to a pre-determined distance and then instruct them to open the umbrella and hold upside down over their head as best as they can
- Explain the idea of the game and the rules.
- On "Go!" have the water balloon throwing players start throwing water balloons to their partner.

Rules & Points:
- Teams must try to catch as many water balloons as they can in their upside down umbrella.
- The winning team is the team that has the most up-popped water balloons in their umbrella.

*Alternative Non-Water Balloon Version:
- Use a variety of pool/beach toys of different shapes and sizes instead of water balloons.  Points given for each toy that is caught and kept in the umbrellas

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